Course Description.

This course is oriented specifically for industrial oxygen pipeline systems. It provides an introduction to the oxygen hazard from the perspective of “Why clean for oxygen service?” It then provides practical “how-to’s” regarding our oxygen clean methodology: start clean, verify clean, assemble clean, and maintain clean. We teach white light and black light visual inspection techniques along with the most widely used acceptance criteria from CGA G-4.1 and EIGA IGC 33-06.

This module is best presented as an on-site, live instruction course, where students can view demonstrations of inspection techniques. WHA provides an Oxygen Clean Inspection Kit equipped with demonstration materials like pre-contaminated samples with known levels of oils/greases and particulates to calibrate inspectors, visual inspection acceptance criteria reference tools, as well as equipment for white and black light inspection and wipe testing. Several courses can be presented in a day to accomodate work shceudles and shifts. The 2 contact hours will earn .2 CEUs, 2 PDHs for participants. It can also be packaged with the Level 2: O2 Practice training to provide a comprehensive 6 hour course that addresses both topics.

Alternatively, WHA can provide this course as a live webinar where instructions for inspection methods are still effectvely communicated through slides, images, and live discussion over a video conference. This approach works very well when coupled with WHA’s Level 2: O2 Practice eTraining course. Let us know which approach best suites you and your employees.


*All WHA training courses are subject to our standard Training Service Agreement.


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