Technical training.

WHA specializes in custom-tailored, technical training for oxygen and hydrogen systems. We believe in teaching the “why” behind the “what,” empowering students to better understand the science behind the safety.

Upcoming Training Events.

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In-Person Hydrogen Safety Training: Level 4 (Las Cruces)

March 28 - March 31
WHA Test & Training Center

COPV Damage Detection Course

April 12 - April 13
NASA White Sands Test Facility

Virtual Oxygen Safety Training Series: Level 2-4

April 17 - April 21
Virtual Event

In-Person Oxygen Safety Training: Level 4 (Las Cruces)

May 9 - May 12
WHA Test & Training Center

Understand the Science of Safety.

Our proven curriculum has been shaped by decades of experience in the field, operating systems, investigating fires, and testing and analyzing systems and components. Our course content is also based upon our work with international standards organizations, including ASTM, CGA, EIGA, NFPA, NASA, SAE, ISO, and others. We leverage our experience to serve industry, equipping:

  • Engineers to better design and analyze fire risk
  • Technicians to better assemble, operate, and maintain systems
  • Professional tradesmen to better perform field maintenance and cleanliness inspections on industrial piping and equipment
  • Any employee to have an increased knowledge and awareness of safety


Courses presented each year


Students Trained


Combined years of instructor experience

Electrolyzer Safety Training.

New for 2022, WHA has developed a special course specifically for electrolysis systems. This standalone course teaches the fundamental understanding and awareness of hydrogen and oxygen.

WHA Course Instructors.

Our course instructors are internationally-recognized industry-leading experts. We can effectively train personnel on all facets of oxygen and hydrogen safety, including hazards awareness, risk management, component and system design, materials selection, ignition and fire risk analysis, and good practices for system cleaning, inspection, assembly, operations and maintenance.

Our curriculum is based upon our work through international standards organizations, including ASTM, CGA, EIGA, NFPA, NASA, SAE, and ISO.

Training Course Formats.

WHA offers four levels of training in different formats to meet the various technical training needs of your personnel. Each course level is stand-alone, meaning there are no prerequisites, and all course levels contain the full content of lower-level courses. Each format provides its own unique benefits according to your training needs. Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are available for most courses.

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