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We use innovative, data-driven tools to help clients understand, evaluate, and mitigate hazards and fire risks associated with oxygen, hydrogen, and other hazardous fluids.

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"The WHA team provides valuable support to Essex Industries in our development of safe oxygen equipment."

Ryan Pace, Engineer, Essex Industries

Highly specialized safety services.

Each of our services informs and enhances the others. We walk alongside our clients as a partner in safety, protecting lives and preserving valuable property.

  • Failure Analysis

    Discover incident root cause through data-driven analysis.

  • Hazard Analysis

    Analyze and mitigate your risks before an incident can occur.

  • Testing

    Test your materials and components for qualification, compatibility, and conformance.

  • Training

    Equip your staff with cutting-edge oxygen safety training and customizable multi-level content.

  • Oxygen Cleaning

    Outsource your precision oxygen cleaning to WHA or optimize your own process.

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    Discuss your needs with an experienced WHA engineer.


WHA is ISO 9001 certified.

WHA International is certified by Perry Johnson Registrars according to the strict international quality standards outlined in ISO 9001.

Your oxygen subject matter experts.

Over 30 years ago, our company founders brought their specialized oxygen expertise from NASA to the commercial sector. Today, hundreds of companies worldwide rely upon our services, including our cutting-edge Oxygen Fire Risk Analysis (OFRA) method, which is consistent with industry standards for performing oxygen hazards analysis on systems and components.

About us

"WHA International is our primary source for technical answers from experts who have done years of failure investigations ...”

Eric Burgett, Engineering Manager, Emerson-Tescom

We write the standards.

Our engineers are intimately familiar with international standards governing the use of oxygen and other hazardous fluids, because they have helped write many of the standards, and routinely contribute to organizations such as ASTM, CGA, EIGA, NFPA, NASA, SAE, and ISO.



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“WHA helped us with every facet of compliance to a new important safety standard [EN 15001 ]. We found WHA staff to be knowledgeable, organized, and balanced in their approach and results, and we couldn’t have met this standard in the required time frame across several manufacturing sites without their help.”

Michael D. Oberle

Systems Engineering Manager, GE Healthcare

Industries Empowered by WHA.

WHA serves numerous industries in 48 countries as an established leader in the science of safety: Industrial Gas Distribution, Oil and Gas Refining and Mining, Petrochemical Production, Aircraft (Military and Commercial), Space Exploration (NASA and Commercial Space Flight), Healthcare and Breathing Gases, Air Separation and Gas Production, Welding/cutting Industrial Equipment and Machinery, Safety Engineering, and Legal and Insurance.

"WHA is well-regarded within the compressed gas industry worldwide and are a “go to” company for oxidizer gas expertise and testing."

Eugene Ngai, President Chemically Speaking LLC (Retired Air Products and Chemicals)

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