Oxygen Safety

Fire hazards in oxygen systems are real, but they can be safely controlled. For over 30 years, WHA International has been helping clients understand, evaluate, and mitigate fire risks in all industries that use oxygen.

We Provide Data-driven
Oxygen Safety Solutions.

Our technical consultants provide comprehensive oxygen safety services, helping analyze, design, test, train, and clean oxygen systems and components for every industry. We provide data-driven solutions backed by decades of oxygen testing and forensic engineering experience.

  • Oxygen Fire Investigation & Failure Analysis

    We help clients determine what went wrong after an oxygen fire, providing forensic engineering and expert witness services.

  • Oxygen Hazard Analysis & Compliance Review

    We help clients determine if their oxygen systems and components are safe, evaluating compliance with industry standards and performing Oxygen Fire Risk Analysis (OFRA).

  • Oxygen Compatibility Testing

    We help evaluate the oxygen safety of materials and components by performing oxygen compatibility testing.

  • Oxygen Safety Training

    We provide multi-level technical training, educating clients on oxygen hazards and industry best practices for operation, maintenance, design, risk analysis, and cleaning.

  • Precision Oxygen Cleaning

    We perform precision oxygen cleaning for clients' equipment, as well as oxygen cleanliness verification (OCV).

"WHA International is our primary source for technical answers from experts who have done years of failure investigations ...”

Eric Burgett, Engineering Manager


"[WHA's Oxygen Safety Training] was well organized, very relevant to our interests, very good use of real world anecdotes. Incredibly knowledgeable instructor with great delivery. One of the best short-courses I’ve had, possibly the best."

Jeff Glines


"WHA has always provided professional, best-in-class support and quick response... Their insight has been a valuable resource in optimizing our products for oxygen service.”

Kevin Smith

Flowserve Oxygen Valve Evaluation Team

“Barry Newton and his team at WHA are not only dedicated scientists, but also first class forensic investigators. They take on the most difficult projects and work through them with the requisite scientific rigor...”

Elizabeth "Betsy" Bonvillain Kamin

Clark Hill Strasburger

Your Oxygen Safety

WHA International, Inc. has led the industry of oxygen safety for over 30 years. Many of our engineers come directly from NASA, where modern oxygen safety was borne out of the Space Program. Our consultants are internationally-recognized authorities on oxygen safety and are uniquely equipped to address your specific concerns.

When oxygen industry leaders need expertise, they turn to WHA for technical consulting and training. Our clients include each of the major gas suppliers around the world.


We serve every industry
that uses oxygen.

WHA’s consultants have investigated fires, analyzed systems, tested components, and trained personnel in over 48 countries across the globe and in every industry that uses oxygen, including:

  • Industrial Gas Distribution
  • Oil and Gas Refining and Mining
  • Petrochemical Production
  • Aircraft (Military and Commercial)
  • Space Exploration (NASA and Commercial Space Flight)
  • Healthcare and Breathing Gases
  • Air Separation and Gas Production
  • Welding/cutting Industrial Equipment and Machinery
  • Safety Engineering
  • Legal and Insurance

We literally Help
set the standards.

Our oxygen safety consultants have helped develop numerous international standards governing oxygen system design, materials selection, cleaning, and materials compatibility testing. These include related standards from ASTM, CGA, EIGA, NFPA, NASA, SAE, and ISO. We maintain leadership positions in these organizations, including serving as a technical contact for ASTM Committee G04 on Compatibility and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres.

WHA International is ISO certified, indicating our entire organization meets rigorous standards for testing and cleaning of customer equipment.

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Whether you’re not sure where to begin or are already looking for a specific oxygen test, we're happy to address your questions and outline a plan of action. Contact us today to schedule an obligation-free 15 minute call to get started.

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