Hydrogen Fire & Explosion Failure Analysis

Our technical team is specially equipped to discover the root cause of hydrogen fires and explosions through data-driven analysis.

Our expertise is based on over three decades of investigations and testing with hydrogen and hydrogen blends, and our services are often supported by incident reconstruction and custom testing possible at WHA's unique remote test site.

Equipment Investigated

Our experience with hydrogen fires and explosions covers a wide range of components and systems, including:

  • Production, storage, and distribution systems
    • Electrolysis systems
    • Bulk storage and portable systems
    • Pipeline applications
    • Compressor systems
  • Industrial systems
    • Minerals and chemical processing plants
    • Cylinder gas filling facilities
    • Cylinder supply and distribution systems
    • Hydrogen fuel cells
    • Composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV)
  • Synthesis gas (syngas) systems
  • Reactor systems
  • Renewable energy technologies

Hydrogen Experience

  • Gaseous hydrogen
  • Liquid hydrogen
  • Hydrogen mixtures and synthesis gases (syngas)

Hydrogen Industry Insights & Case Studies

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