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H2 Design

Level 3: Hydrogen Safety Advanced Understanding

This course covers the knowledge presented Level 1: H2 Aware and Level 2: H2 Practice and adds fundamental principles of hydrogen system design and analysis methods, including the introduction of the Hydrogen Combustion Risk Analysis (HCRA) tool.


This course is designed for advanced technical personnel, including design engineers, process engineers, chemical and safety engineers, researchers, materials scientists, senior maintenance personnel, system supervisors, procedure writers, and others.

Learning Goals

This course includes Level 1 and Level 2 hydrogen safety materials and adds advanced principles required to effectively design safe hydrogen systems, including larger industrial systems, smaller cylinder-fed systems, or single components. Students will examine critical aspects of hydrogen system design, including material selection and design, ignition mitigationstandards requirements, and fire and explosion risk reduction. Students will also be introduced to the Hydrogen Combustion Risk Analysis (HCRA) tool (based on industry standards from ASTM, CGA, NFPA, ISO, and others) and learn how to evaluate hydrogen hazards in components and systems and how to perform system safety audits.

Student Outcomes

After completing this course, students will understand hydrogen fire and explosion hazards and WHA’s risk management approach. They will be able to assess compatible materials for their specific application and apply proven design methodologies that reduce the risk of unintentional mixing and prevent ignition (in the event that hydrogen and an oxidizer do mix). Students will also understand the HCRA tool used to identify hydrogen hazards and analyze fire and explosion risk.


H2 Design is only offered as an onsite course or live webinar, so students will always receive a custom-tailored training experience for their unique systems and needs. This course requires two full days of training, with an option to add a third day devoted to analyzing the hazards of a client’s specific system or applying the HCRA tool to various case studies.


The cost for level 3 training is typically $1,000-$1,500 per person. The final cost depends on several factors such as format, number of courses, number of personnel to be trained, and any custom add-ons.

*All WHA training courses are subject to our standard Training Service Agreement.

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