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Elliot Forsyth, PE

Chief Strategy Officer, Principal Engineer, Technical Training & Hazard Analysis

Elliot Forsyth has been a core part of the WHA team since 1999. Today he serves as WHA’s Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Technical Training.

Elliot has worked with oxygen systems throughout his entire career, starting at NASA’s White Sands Test Facility where he performed oxygen system design, analysis, and testing on materials and components used in NASA’s ground support equipment and various flight hardware. Elliot came to WHA in 1999 and has been heavily invested in developing WHA’s oxygen and hydrogen safety training products as well as consulting with clients on oxygen safety, fire risk analysis, material compatibility, system and component design, cleaning, and forensic fire analysis.

Elliot has been an active leader and developer of international standards on oxygen system design and safety throughout his career, especially ASTM Committee G04 where he has served as Committee Chairman since 2014. Elliot also served on the task group that developed the latest CGA G-4.4 standard (harmonized with EIGA 13-12), which governs industry design and materials selection for oxygen pipeline systems and equipment.

As WHA’s Chief Strategy Officer, Elliot helps determine the strategic direction for WHA’s innovation efforts and future vision and growth. As WHA’s Director of Technical Training, he provides custom-tailored training and consulting for clients from all industries that use oxygen.

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