WHA Course Instructors

Our course instructors are internationally-recognized industry-leading experts. We can effectively train personnel on all facets of oxygen safety, including hazards awareness, risk management, component and system design, materials selection, ignition and fire risk analysis, and good practices for system cleaning, inspection, assembly, operations and maintenance.

Barry Newton, Ph.D., PE

Chief Executive Officer, Principal Oxygen Safety & Forensic Engineer

Bradley “Brad” Forsyth

Principal Engineer, Failure Analysis Lead, Hazard Analysis

Cory Kreutzer

Senior Chemist, Mechanical Engineer, Hydrogen Services, Failure Analysis

Danielle “Dani” Murphy, PH.D.

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Standard Testing lead, Hazard Analysis

Elliot Forsyth, PE

Chief Strategy Officer, Principal Engineer, Technical Training, Hazard Analysis

Gwenael Chiffoleau, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer, Principal Scientist, Testing Services, Oxygen Cleaning

Harold Beeson, PH.D.

Principal Chemist

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