Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Failure & Hazard Analysis, Safety Lead, Custom Testing Lead

Brian joined the WHA team in 2020. He brings over 20 years of mechanical engineering experience and began his career as a contractor at the White Sands Test Facility in 1999. Brian worked as a test engineer, performing oxygen testing such as particle impact, promoted combustion, and mechanical impact. He also provided mechanical design and analysis, eventually becoming a Group Lead for the Hardware Design Group.

In 2009, Brian moved to a position with NASA-WSTF in the Propulsion Test Office. He worked as Project Manager and Operation Director with the Operations and Systems Support group. He also worked on the European Space Agency Service Module test campaign. During his time in Propulsion, Brian served as the Lead Pressure Systems Engineer and most recently as the Propulsion Test Capability Technical Lead.

Brian has a variety of technical experience that he will bring to his new position at WHA. One capability that is particularly timely is his training and expertise in Process Safety Management. WHA welcomes his PSM experience and anticipates several opportunities to expand this capability into service options for new and current customers. Brian’s primary duties for WHA will be in support of the Failure Analysis team. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University.

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