Upcoming Events

March 2022

Virtual Hydrogen Safety Training (Levels 2-4)

March 7 - March 11
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April 2022

In-Person Oxygen Safety Training: Levels 2-4 (North America)

April 5 - April 8
WHA Test & Training Center 5605 Dona Ana Road
Las Cruces, NM 88007 United States
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May 2022

Virtual Oxygen Safety Training: Levels 2-4

May 9 - May 13
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June 2022

Virtual Hydrogen Safety Training (Levels 2-4)

June 7 - June 10
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June 2022

In-Person Oxygen Safety Training: Levels 2-4 (Europe)

June 14 - June 17
Manchester, United Kingdom
Manchester, United Kingdom
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Training Event Benefits.

WHA’s training events offer a practical and economical solution for companies who are interested in sending an individual or small team of technical personnel to our Level 4: O2 Analyze  training course. This training format offers a convenient, affordable alternative to a full on-site training package. Students are equipped with the advanced knowledge necessary to not only design and analyze oxygen systems, but also to educate others on the basics of oxygen safety. As an attendee, you will receive industry’s best technical training available on oxygen safety as well as personalized content and case studies relevant to your specific industry. WHA training events are also an excellent opportunity to connect and learn from professionals in a variety of industries.

“This course made me see oxygen systems on a way more elaborate scale. I will definitely take these skills and apply them to my daily jobs.”

Chad H.

The WHA Test and Training Center.

Those attending training events at the WHA Test and Training Center receive exclusive benefits which can only be provided at our highly-unique facility:

  • Live Test Demonstrations – Witness dramatic real-life demonstrations of oxygen fires
  • Historic Evidence – Experience our “museum” of many influential artifacts from historic oxygen incidents
  • Personalized Consultation – Receive access to the experienced WHA engineering team and opportunities to discuss the unique issues of your own systems
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