Component Conformance Testing

Conformance testing is provided for manufacturers that wish to certify components for accreditation, including a CE mark or a Pi (π) mark. Conformance testing is also known as type testing and compliance testing. Common conformance tests measure component aspects like ignition, excessive torque, leak tightness, endurance, and more. WHA is capable of performing type tests in oxygen, nitrogen, or air.

Our Capabilities

  • Proof and Burst Testing
  • Excessive Torque
  • Internal/External Leak Tightness (Hot/Cold)
  • Endurance (cycle testing)
  • Flame Impingement

Applicable Standards

  • ISO 10524-1
  • ISO 10524-2
  • ISO 10524-3
  • CGA E-4
  • CGA E-7
  • CGA V-9
  • CGA E-18
  • ISO 10297
  • AS 4267

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