General Training FAQs

WHA provides technical training on oxygen (O2) safety, hydrogen (H2) safety, and ozone (O3) safety, as well as special application courses such as H2 and O2 safety for Electrolyzers.  We offer four levels of training to meet the needs of all employees from basic hazards/safety awareness (Level 1) to system operations and maintenance (Level 2) to engineering design and standard compliance (Level 3) to application of fire risk analysis (Level 4).  Our courses are layered such that all levels typically include all of the levels below them in the cost.

A complete description of each course level and the intended audience is available on our website.  However, in general:

  • Level 1 – A good fit for any employee working on or around the system with a basic need for hazards awareness. Training courses are typically an hour or less and present introductory awareness.
  • Level 2 – Generally intended for system operators or maintenance personnel that have a need for more in-depth knowledge about the best practices related to working on oxygen, hydrogen, or ozone systems. Level 2 courses are typically four to six hours in length including Level 1 content.
  • Level 3 – Best training level for system/component engineers, designers, and other technical personnel responsible for materials selection, design, operational instruction, and/or standards compliance. This course incorporates materials test data as a basis for best design principles that reduce the risk of fire and combustion.  Level 3 courses are comprised of up to sixteen hours of content (including Level 2) over multiple days.
  • Level 4 – Advanced training for Level 3 students to apply their knowledge of fire/combustion risk analysis to several case studies. WHA provides step-by-step instruction on applying risk analysis methods to oxygen or hydrogen systems or components.  Level 4 courses typically add eight-to-ten hours of training beyond the Level 3 course.

WHA offers all training courses in three primary formats, each with its unique advantages:

  1. On Demand eLearning through WHA’s Technical eLearning Academy – available online anytime, students can train at their own pace when time allows. Groups can also be trained in a single session.
  2. Interactive Live Webinars – train personnel in different locations world-wide all at the same time. Live instruction on a user-friendly platform from WHA’s technical experts.  Courses can be custom-tailored for private corporate training and a recording is reviewable by students after the training is completed, as well as made available for training future students.
  3. Onsite In-person – Classroom-style learning with a live instructor remains the most impacting format for students to learn. Courses can include live demonstrations combined with a high-degree of customization.  Onsite technical consulting and system inspections are add-on options.

Yes!  Both our interactive live webinars and onsite in-person formats offer opportunities for course customization, system review, and technical consulting to directly apply course concepts.

Yes, most WHA courses have group rates available. Contact us to request a 10% discount for multiple participants. (Group discounts and other special offers must be applied at the time of purchase.)

On-Demand and eLearning FAQs

Students or their local training coordinator will be provided an email with a link to WHA’s Technical eLearning Academy ( along with their username and password.

Every course has associated course materials to access and follow along with as the course is completed. To access the course materials, there will be a link on the top right-hand side of the screen and the password to access the materials is located on slide 4 of the course.

Yes! If you did not pass the final review quiz at the end of the course on the first attempt, you can review the quiz questions or retry the quiz as many times as you need until you pass it. At the end of the quiz, simply click on the “Review Quiz” button or “Retry Quiz” button.

Certificates are auto-sent when the course is completed. To make sure the course is correctly completed after the final quiz is finished, make sure to click the EXIT button (in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen).

Yes!  We have provided some troubleshooting tips for common problems students encounter:

  • If you are having trouble with the course not opening, ensure you are using one of the preferred browsers noted in your invite email. Remember, you must have your pop-up blockers turned off as the program is set to run in a new window.  You also might need to add our URL to your approved list of sites to allow a new window to open.  For example, in Google Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Pop-ups and redirects

  • If you continue to have issues you can submit a WHA Training Tech Support Ticket, and we will be In touch with you as soon as possible.