Oxygen Component Qualification Testing

Component qualification tests are used to help determine if critical equipment is safe to use in oxygen systems. Requirements are set by numerous international standards, including ASTM, ISO, CGA, and EN. Our services include tests like oxygen pressure surge test, promoted ignition test, and more. Our engineers provide consulting services and hazard analyses of components to mitigate risk and ensure they comply with industry standards.  Additional conformance testing is also available.

Our Capabilities

  • Oxygen pressure surge (i.e., adiabatic compression, oxygen pressure shock, resistance to ignition, compression heating, ignition testing, gaseous fluid impact sensitivity)
  • Promoted Ignition (i.e., ignition pill, contaminated adiabatic compression)

Turnaround Time

  • 3 week normal turnaround time
  • Expedited testing by request

Applicable Standards

  • ASTM G175
  • ASTM G74
  • ISO 10524-1
  • ISO 10524-2
  • ISO 10524-3
  • CGA E-4
  • CGA E-7
  • CGA V-9
  • CGA E-18
  • ISO 10297
  • ISO 2503
  • EN 13949
  • EN 14143
  • ISO 14113
  • AS 4267

"We found WHA staff to be knowledgeable, organized, and balanced in their approach and results, and we couldn’t have met this standard [EN 15001] in the required time frame across several manufacturing sites without their help."

Michael D. Oberle, Systems Engineering Manager

GE Healthcare

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