Process Review and Consulting

Choosing the most appropriate oxygen cleaning process is challenging. Whether it’s precision cleaning small parts or cleaning a pipeline, there are many factors to consider such as cleaning effectiveness, oxygen compatibility, material compatibility, toxicity, environmental impacts, and economics.

WHA can review existing cleaning processes via remote desktop reviews or onsite audits. Onsite services also include cleanliness evaluation using qualitative inspection techniques and sampling for quantitative techniques, to help verify your cleaning process.

WHA’s cleaning process consulting is based on standards such as ASTM G93, ASTM G127, ISO 15001, EIGA Doc. 33, CGA 4.1, MIL-1330D, and SAE ARP1176. WHA engineers have provided significant contributions to many of these international standards.

WHA Oxygen Component Failure Analysis

Oxygen Cleaning Training Solutions

As an industry leader in oxygen safety, we often pair our cleaning services with technical training solutions. Our customizable packages can include training tools and modules on oxygen cleaning to equip your staff.

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