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O2 Aware

Level 1: Oxygen Safety Introductory Awareness

This course is WHA’s introductory course to oxygen safety. In a 30-minute eTraining course or a two-hour customized onsite course, the O2 Aware course provides fundamental oxygen safety awareness training. Our Level 1 introduces the oxygen hazard, teaches risk management, increases safety awareness, and communicates essential good practices used to reduce fire risk.


Personnel who work with or around oxygen needing an introductory course to oxygen safety, including both non-technical and technical personnel.

Learning Goals.

The learning goal of this course is to create awareness of the oxygen hazard and introduce safe, risk-mitigating practices or to provide a refresher course on the basic elements of oxygen safety.

Student Outcomes.

The student will examine how oxygen increases the flammability and ignitability of materials, will discover how to apply a simple risk management mode, and recognize good practices that safely defend against the hazards.


  • The onsite version of this course is two-hours in length and can be custom-tailored to a client’s specific systems and needs.
  • The eTraining version of this course is specifically designed for a group presentation in a 30-minute safety meeting for all personnel working with or around oxygen. The course is fully narrated and easy for a facilitator to present.


The cost for level 1 training is typically $50-$250 per person. The final cost depends on several factors such as format, number of courses, number of personnel to be trained, and any custom add-ons. Group discounts and eTraining subscription discounts are available.

*All WHA training courses are subject to our standard Training Service Agreement.

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