Our popular introductory Level 1: O2 Aware and intermediate Level 2: O2 Practice oxygen safety courses can be presented through our online Learning Management System (LMS). This convenient tool offers self-paced interactive content, including assessments and exercises throughout each course. Students and their managers can view course progress, performance, and final verification of completion.

Courses are priced based on course level for a single user or for groups up to 25 people. Corporate subscriptions for long-term access are also available.

Click below to view a free 10-minute introduction to our Level 1: O2 Aware course.


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Flexible Custom Solutions.

WHA offers options for “blended” training, combining the cost-effectiveness and convenience of our eTraining with the customization and live instruction of a webinar.  Because our eTraining courses are focused on teaching the foundational principles of oxygen safety that apply to any industry using oxygen, it can be of high value to supplement either our Level 1 or Level 2 eTraining courses with a follow-up webinar with one of our experts to discuss the application of the content to your specific industry, systems, equipment, and job responsibilities.  Blended training is quickly becoming one of our most requested packages because of these benefits.

Also, because the courses are fully-narrated, it’s easy for you to use WHA’s eTraining for your group training needs. Through a specialized but easy-to-achieve process, WHA can qualify you or a colleague to become a WHA Course Facilitator, which then certifies you to facilitate WHA eTraining courses for your groups. You can become a Facilitator for our Level 1 and/or Level 2 eTraining courses. This is often a great-value option, whether you only need to train a single group or if you need a longer-term subscription.

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