Hazardous Fluid Safety Solutions

Hazardous Fluid Safety Experts

WHA International, Inc. has decades of hands-on experience with oxygen, hydrogen, and other hazardous fluids. Our technical team has both the specialized expertise and the unique facilities required to work with pressure systems of all kinds — including those using reactive or toxic gases and fluids.


Specialized Capabilities

We investigate fires, explosions, and failures of systems and components using oxygen, hydrogen, other hazardous fluids, or pressure equipment. From small medical oxygen equipment to large petrochemical plant explosions, we have the expertise and tools to determine what went wrong.

Failure Analysis

Our experienced team has investigated hundreds of fire and failure incidents related to pressure systems and hazardous fluids.

Technical Training

We teach the safe use of oxygen and hydrogen as well as special topics like composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs).

Hazard Analysis

We leverage decades of failure analysis and testing to understand hazards, mitigate risk, and improve systems safety.

Custom Testing

Extensive testing and research have gone into our testing program, featuring unique hazardous test capabilities at our remote test site.

Custom Testing Bunker 1

Remote Testing Capabilities

Our unique custom test program features reinforced test cells, bunkers, and outdoor test areas located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. These facilities are specially equipped for dangerous high-energy testing with kinds of hazardous fluids.

We also maintain a unique industry liaison relationship with NASA’s White Sands Test Facility, providing testing solutions that exceed our own in-house capabilities.

Hazardous Fluid Safety Experts


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"WHA International is our primary source for technical answers from experts who have done years of failure investigations ...”

Eric Burgett, Engineering Manager


“[WHA provides] top-of-the-line training for anyone working in hydrogen-related industries. The supplied materials alone are worth the price, and the expertise and network contacts will serve all who are supporting hydrogen applications, design, maintenance, and safety.”

Robert Scheehl

Cryogenic Engineer (NMEP) at Airgas

“Barry Newton and his team at WHA are not only dedicated scientists but also first-class forensic investigators. They take on the most difficult projects and work through them with the requisite scientific rigor...”

Elizabeth "Betsy" Bonvillain Kamin

Clark Hill Strasburger

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