Our custom test services provide solutions when clients’ needs exceed the requirements defined by established standards. We can offer a range of original tests unique to WHA, and whenever necessary, our experienced engineers are also capable of developing entirely new test systems to meet your needs. Over decades of experience, several of our past custom tests have actually evolved into industry standards, influencing new tests and regulations around the world.

Custom tests can include high energy testing, performed at the WHA Proving Ground, our large-scale, safety-engineered testing area. We also have a unique industry liaison relationship with NASA’s White Sands Test Facility, providing testing solutions that exceed our own in-house capabilities.

Contact us to learn more about the custom solutions available to you. We understand these fluids can be unpredictable, but we can help you study and mitigate hazards by optimizing testing options to meet your unique needs.


Custom Testing Capabilities.

WHA maintains test capabilities to evaluate flammability, ignitability, and performance of materials and components, or to evaluate unique or complex hazards with a variety of hazardous fluids. WHA’s existing test facility infrastructure facilitates testing over a range of temperatures from high temperature to cryogenic conditions, and from atmospheric pressure to greater than 10,000 psig.

Examples of custom tests WHA has previously performed include:

Non-standard/Custom Oxygen Tests.

  • Particle impact ignition
  • High and low-pressure auto-ignition temperature (AIT) testing
  • Minimum ignition energy of metals
  • Electro-static discharge (ESD) ignition energy of non-metals

Component testing.

  • Hydrostatic and pneumatic component pressure tests
  • Pressure vessel burst tests
  • High pressure or custom component endurance cycling

Flammable gases or liquids.

  • Minimum ignition energy
  • Combustion, decomposition, and detonation tests

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