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Bradley “Brad” Forsyth

Principal Engineer, Failure & Hazard Analysis, Failure Analysis Lead

Brad joined WHA as the Special Projects Manager in 2007 and is currently the Principal Engineer for Oxygen Safety and Failure Analysis Team Leader.

He is responsible for coordinating all failure analysis projects and for the development and execution of customer-specific non-standard testing of materials and components in the areas of gaseous oxygen, liquid oxygen, non-oxygen oxidizers (e,g. N2O, NF3, N2O4), and fuel-gases such as hydrogen and acetylene. As the Senior Oxygen Safety and Failure Analysis Engineer, Brad also performs Oxygen Fire Risk Analyses (OFRAs) on oxygen components and systems for a broad range of industries, from medical to aerospace. He also is an instructor for WHA’s oxygen safety and hydrogen safety training courses. His expertise is utilized for supporting and leading forensic failure analyses of fires or explosions involving oxygen or fuel components/systems, pneumatic systems/components, and pressure vessels

He also currently serves as the WHA Safety Director and managers WHA’s pressure system requirements according to ASME codes. Brad is an active member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) G04 committee, and currently leads the task group for revision of the ASTM G93 oxygen cleaning standard.

From 1997 to 2007, Brad was employed at the NASA White Sands Test Facility (NASA WSTF). He served as the group leader of the Laboratories Department Engineering Group, a project leader, and mechanical engineer responsible for all aspects of test projects for Space Shuttle and International Space Station hardware and materials. Brad’s experience at NASA WSTF included flammability testing of energetic materials such as hypergolic propellants, anomaly investigations of in-flight failures, and testing of composite pressure vessels, reaction control thruster valves, and other space flight hardware.

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