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Level 4: Hydrogen Safety Expert Application

WHA’s Level 4: H2 Analyze course is the most comprehensive technical training on hydrogen safety. It covers all previous levels’ content, plus expert-level design and analysis topics you will need to become your company’s local expert on hydrogen system design and analysis methods. This program is currently offered as a seasonal open training event or as a highly-customized onsite course or live webinar.


This course is designed for advanced technical personnel, including design engineers, process engineers, chemical and safety engineers, researchers, materials scientists, senior maintenance personnel, system supervisors, procedure writers, and others.

Learning Goals

In this course, students will master hydrogen systems design and fire and explosion risk analysis methods. It includes all the content of previous levels, extending the concepts with advanced design and analysis methods, including the Hydrogen Combustion Risk Analysis (HCRA) tool applied to real hydrogen systems.

Students will learn about specifying compatible materials for their application, mitigating ignition through proper design and engineering controls, and implementing good practices related to system operations, maintenance, and incident response based on current industry standards and requirements.

Students will be grouped into hydrogen hazards analysis teams (HHATs) and spend an entire day applying the HCRA tool to develop solutions that lower the probability of unintentional mixing and reduce consequences of ignition.

Student Outcomes

After completing this course students will be able to identify system-level and component-level hazardswork proficiency with the HCRA tool, and develop solutions, including advanced design concepts, that lower the probability of a hydrogen incident.


  • When presented onsite, this course is presented over three days. Students receive content that’s custom-tailored to their company’s unique hydrogen systems and technical training needs.
  • The live webinar or version of this course provides a three-day virtual training experience that can be custom-tailored to a client’s specific systems and needs. Students can participate individually on their own devices or together in one room.
  • WHA also offers this course as a training event at the WHA Test & Training Facility located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. Courses presented in-house at WHA include live test demonstrations as well as opportunities for private consulting and networking.


The cost for level 4 training is typically $2000-$2700 per person. The final cost depends on several factors such as format, number of courses, number of personnel to be trained, and any custom add-ons.

*All WHA training courses are subject to our standard Training Service Agreement.

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