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Level 2: Oxygen Safety Intermediate Knowledge

Our Level 2 content covers the basic knowledge presented in Level 1: O2 Aware and adds a deeper understanding of materials compatibility, factors contributing to ignition, and extensive good practices related to operating or maintaining oxygen systems.


Individuals involved in the use, specification, procurement, assembly, operation, maintenance, instrumentation, safety, management or incident investigation of systems, components and fires involving liquid or gaseous oxygen or oxygen-enriched gas mixtures.

Learning Goals

The learning goal of this course is to study industry best practices and incorporate them into daily oxygen system handling, operation and maintenance.

Student Outcomes

The student will examine the hazards of oxygen use, recognize compatible materials, identify common ignition mechanisms in oxygen systems, and describe industry best practices related to oxygen handling, system cleaning, inspection, assembly, operations and maintenance.


  • As onsite training, our O2 Practices course offers content that is custom-tailored to a company’s specific oxygen systems and training needs. Onsite courses can range from ½-day to a full day depending on specific modules and content.
  • As eTraining, this course runs approximately 3-4 hours and is divided into six fully-narrated modules that can be presented to a group in a single session or taken individually with self-paced access of up to 30 days.


The cost for level 2 training is typically $245-$600 per person. The final cost depends on several factors such as format, number of courses, number of personnel to be trained, and any custom add-ons. Group discounts and eTraining subscription discounts are available.

*All WHA training courses are subject to our standard Training Service Agreement.

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