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WHA International, Inc. has been a leader in hydrogen safety since 1988. Many of our engineers come directly from NASA or the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). At NASA, hydrogen fuels and fuel cells were pioneered through the Space Program, while renewable energy technologies and infrastructure for hydrogen production, transportation, and use are researched at NREL. Our consultants played pivotal roles in the technology development and safe use of hydrogen at both institutions, are internationally-recognized authorities on hydrogen safety, and are uniquely equipped to address your specific concerns.

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Hydrogen Safety Solutions

We help analyze, review, train, and test hydrogen systems and components for every industry. Our services are backed by decades of hydrogen testing, technology development, and forensic engineering experience.

Hydrogen Failure Analysis

Discover the root cause of hydrogen fires and explosions through data-driven analysis.

Hydrogen Combustion Risk Analysis (HCRA)

Analyze the risks of components and systems designed for hydrogen service.

Custom Hydrogen Testing

Test components for qualification and conformance.

Hydrogen Safety Training

Equip your staff with cutting-edge hydrogen safety training and customizable multi-level content.

Hydrogen Cylinders

We're Literally Setting the Standards

Our hydrogen consultants maintain active leadership roles in standards committees for NFPA 2 and ISO TC 197. They are also active participants in the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) and members of the Hydrogen Safety Panel. We're here to help the hydrogen economy grow safely and securely.

Hydrogen Safety Training

As the hydrogen economy grows, so do the risks. WHA’s hydrogen safety training features industry experts, unique case studies, live fire and explosion demonstrations, and the latest data to help you understand this complex subject.


An introduction to hydrogen fire hazards, risk management philosophy, and essential good practices to reduce hydrogen fire risk.

Level 2:
H2 Practice


A deeper understanding of hydrogen, materials compatibility, factors contributing to ignition, and good practices related to operations and maintenance.


Fundamental principles of hydrogen system design and analysis methods, including introduction of the Hydrogen Combustion Risk Analysis (HCRA) tool.


Expert-level design and analysis topics you will need to become your company’s local expert on hydrogen system design and analysis methods.

Electrolyzer Safety Training

New for 2022, WHA has developed a special course specifically for electrolysis systems. This standalone course teaches the fundamental understanding and awareness of hydrogen and oxygen.

Intermediate Knowledge

Students will learn about hydrogen and oxygen, and inherent combustion risks, mitigating factors, and known failure modes for electrolysis systems.

Hydrogen Safety Training Events

Register now for upcoming safety training courses or schedule your corporate training event customized for your unique needs and systems.

Virtual Hydrogen Safety Training Series: Level 2-4

This multi-day series will cover the full content of WHA’s Level 2: H2 Practice,  Level…

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In-Person Hydrogen Safety Training: Level 4 (Las Cruces)

WHA’s Level 4: H2 Analyze course is known throughout industry as the most comprehensive and…

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In-Person Hydrogen Safety Training: Level 4 (Europe)

WHA’s Level 4: H2 Analyze course is known throughout industry as the most comprehensive and…

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"WHA International is our primary source for technical answers from experts who have done years of failure investigations ...”

Eric Burgett, Engineering Manager


“[WHA provides] top-of-the-line training for anyone working in hydrogen-related industries. The supplied materials alone are worth the price, and the expertise and network contacts will serve all who are supporting hydrogen applications, design, maintenance, and safety.”

Robert Scheehl

Cryogenic Engineer (NMEP) at Airgas

“Barry Newton and his team at WHA are not only dedicated scientists but also first-class forensic investigators. They take on the most difficult projects and work through them with the requisite scientific rigor...”

Elizabeth "Betsy" Bonvillain Kamin

Clark Hill Strasburger

Hydrogen Industry Insights & Case Studies

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Electrolyzer safety is becoming increasingly important as the industry undergoes significant change to meet the growing demand…

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Will hydrogen power the future of Aerospace?

As the world moves towards clean energy technologies, finding alternatives to traditional fuels is particularly challenging in…

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