Training Course Catalog.

WHA offers four levels of training in different formats to meet the various technical training needs of your personnel. Each course level is stand-alone, meaning there are no prerequisites, and all course levels contain the full content of lower-level courses. Each format provides its own unique benefits according to your training needs. Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are available for most courses.

  • Level 1: O2 Aware

    (Introductory Awareness)

    Introduces the oxygen hazard and risk management model, increases safety awareness, communicates essential good practices used to reduce fire risk.

  • Level 2: O2 Practice

    (Intermediate Knowledge)

    Adds deeper understanding of materials compatibility, factors that contribute to ignition, and extensive good practices related to operating or maintaining oxygen systems.

  • Level 3: O2 Design

    (Advanced Understanding)

    A more advanced understanding of oxygen system design and analysis methods, including introduction of the Oxygen Fire Risk Analysis (OFRA) tool.

  • Level 4: O2 Analyze

    (Expert Application)

    Provides opportunities to apply the Oxygen Fire Risk Analysis (OFRA) tool to systems and components in case studies; may include special topics for expert understanding.

Training Formats.

In addition to our training events, we offer a variety of customizable packages to fit your organization’s needs and budget.

  • Onsite Training

    WHA’s experienced instructors travel to your place of business to provide customized training and other consulting services to meet your specific needs.

  • Live Webinars

    Connect with a WHA instructor via live video-conference in your browser. Webinars offer custom content and valuable Q&A opportunities.

  • Interactive eTraining

    Our highly-popular Level 1 and Level 2 training courses are available 24/7 in a convenient, affordable, and fully-narrated eTraining format. You can move through the course content at your own pace, watch instructional videos, test your understanding, and track your progress all online.


Custom Packages.

WHA offers options for “blended” training, combining the cost-effectiveness and convenience of our eTraining with the customization and live instruction of a webinar.  Because our eTraining courses are focused on teaching the foundational principles of oxygen safety that apply to any industry using oxygen, it can be of high value to supplement either our Level 1 or Level 2 eTraining courses with a follow-up webinar with one of our experts to discuss the application of the content to your specific industry, systems, equipment, and job responsibilities.  Blended training is quickly becoming one of our most requested packages because of these benefits.

Also, because the courses are fully-narrated, it’s easy for you to use WHA’s eTraining for your group training needs. Through a specialized but easy-to-achieve process, WHA can qualify you or a colleague to become a WHA Course Facilitator, which then certifies you to facilitate WHA eTraining courses for your groups. You can become a Facilitator for our Level 1 and/or Level 2 eTraining courses. This is often a great-value option, whether you only need to train a single group or if you need a longer-term subscription.

Training Add-ons.

During onsite or live webinar training, our agenda can include add-on modules on specialized topics, oxygen system inspections, safety reviews, or technical consulting. WHA’s experienced instructors will consult with you in advance to arrange solutions to meet your unique needs.

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