Our OCV is performed with solvent extraction methods according to ASTM standards and is capable of providing non-volatile residue (NVR) amounts (e.g., mg/ft2 or mg/m2) and particle sizing/counting/mass. If necessary, the extracted contaminants can also undergo material characterization at WHA, using techniques such as FTIR spectroscopy and EDX spectroscopy to determine the type and origin of the contamination. With strategic sampling of a system and contamination mapping, the source of the contamination can also be determined. These services can be paired with our oxygen fire risk analysis to help evaluate the need for re-cleaning.

WHA is capable of evaluating to oxygen cleaning specifications in standards such as ISO 15001, ASTM G93, EIGA Doc. 33, CGA 4.1, MIL-1330D, and SAE ARP1176.

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