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Where Does Hydrogen Come From? Hydrogen Production Methods

Hydrogen’s unique properties make it an excellent fuel for industrial processes, hydrogen fuel cells, and other clean…

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Case Study: Power Plant Hydrogen Explosion

In 2007, a routine gaseous hydrogen (GH2) delivery resulted in a fatal hydrogen explosion at a power…

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WHA Enhances Electrolysis System Safety

WHA’s oxygen and hydrogen expertise combine in a new training course for electrolysis system safety.

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WHA H2 Experts Present Webinar for Center for Hydrogen Safety

Drs. Dani Murphy and Harold Beeson present a live webinar to the members of the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS).

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Hydrogen safety training FAQs with Dani Murphy, PhD

To get ready for our upcoming hydrogen safety training event, we spoke with one of our course instructors and resident hydrogen experts.

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10 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Applications You Might Not Know

Someday soon, you could step into a car that produces zero carbon emissions or greenhouse gasses. You…

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