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WHA Enhances Electrolysis System Safety

WHA’s oxygen and hydrogen expertise combine in a new training course for electrolysis system safety.

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WHA H2 Experts Present Webinar for Center for Hydrogen Safety

Drs. Dani Murphy and Harold Beeson present a live webinar to the members of the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS).

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Case Study: PCTFE Dimensional Instability Results in Oxygen Fires

Learn how a small plastic part led to big problems in the oxygen industry.

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WHA’s 2022 Annual Update

Take a look behind the scenes at a 2021 full of change and growth.

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WHA’s Hydrogen Combustion Risk Analysis (HCRA) Method

To meet a rising need in industry, WHA International has improved upon an in-depth Hydrogen Combustion Risk Analysis (HCRA) method.

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Oxygen compatibility and safe-use criteria

Because materials ignite and burn more easily in oxygen-enriched atmospheres, it is important to determine how “compatible”…

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