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Particle Impact Testing in Oxygen Supports Material Selection and Component Design

Particle impact testing helps determine the conditions required to ignite particulate contamination, materials, or components in oxygen service.

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WHA to Participate in ASTM Particle Impact Ignition Workshop

WHA International will participate in a particle impact ignition workshop organized by the ASTM Committee G04 from April 25-26, 2023.

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Case Study: PCTFE Dimensional Instability Results in Oxygen Fires

Learn how a small plastic part led to big problems in the oxygen industry.

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Case study: medical oxygen regulator research and testing protect users around the world

Every day, medical breathing oxygen is delivered to millions of users. Oxygen plays a critical role in…

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WHA Papers Impact Oxygen Safety in Industry

How do engineers and scientists around the world collaborate and inform themselves on new developments in the…

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