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Particle Impact Testing in Oxygen Supports Material Selection and Component Design

Particle impact testing helps determine the conditions required to ignite particulate contamination, materials, or components in oxygen service.

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WHA to Participate in ASTM Particle Impact Ignition Workshop

WHA International will participate in a particle impact ignition workshop organized by the ASTM Committee G04 from April 25-26, 2023.

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WHA engineers receive NASA Space Flight Awareness Team Award

Dr. Harold Beeson and Joe Whitehead a receive NASA Space Flight Awareness Team Award for their work with titanium-nitrogen tetroxide (Ti-NTO) compatibility.

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What is an Oxygen-Enriched Atmosphere?

The atmospheric air we breathe is approximately 21% oxygen. Many applications use pure 100% oxygen, but others…

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Why Use Hydrogen-Compatible Materials?

If you work with hydrogen, you have probably seen bright red cylinders like these. They have been…

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WHA Provides Oxygen Ventilator Fire Risk Analysis

The world needs ventilators, and ventilators use medical oxygen. As the demand for oxygen ventilators increases, new…

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