Oxygen Cleaning Service Team Receives Vendor Award


  • WHA’s oxygen cleaning team recently received an award from their client Trace-A-Matic
  • The team was recognized for rapid turnaround and excellent customer service
  • Additional oxygen safety consulting helps manufacturers improve safety and quality

WHA’s oxygen cleaning service team recently received recognition from its client, Trace-A-Matic, for excellent service in a major ongoing project.

The quarterly award is presented to one of the company’s suppliers that performs above and beyond expectations. The 2023 Q3 award went to WHA International for outstanding turnaround and customer service.

“Trace-A-Matic engaged WHA at the beginning of the current project at the suggestion of our customer. WHA has worked with us through every stage of new product introduction (from prototype to ramp-up) and has provided top-notch service at every step. From project technical support to rapid turn-around of production lots, we have counted on WHA and have not been disappointed.”

 Shawn Lang, Vice President of Engineering, Trace-A-Matic Corporation

About outsourced oxygen cleaning service

WHA’s oxygen cleaning team provides outsourced precision cleaning for a variety of manufacturers and projects.

This valuable service ensures that small parts intended for oxygen service are clean from particulates, oils, and greases. Even when contaminants are invisible to the naked eye, they can still be enough to promote ignition or kindle fire within an oxygen system.

Manufacturers ship their parts to WHA’s facilities in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where they are meticulously cleaned in a clean room environment. Afterward, the parts are specially “bagged and tagged” and shipped back for assembly into a variety of oxygen components like valves, regulators, and more.

Oxygen cleaning solution runs through parts during the oxygen cleaning process
Oxygen precision cleaning involves multiple rounds of washing and rinsing in special solutions to remove particulates, oils, and greases.

Rapid turnaround precision cleaning

In addition to effective cleaning, WHA’s team also prides itself in rapid turnaround and exceptional customer service — both important elements of maintaining a long-term partnership.

Cleaning is just one step in the chain from manufacture to fulfillment, and WHA’s clients depend on quick turnaround and proactive communication to keep production on track.

“We provide quick turnaround on oxygen cleaning,” explains Tony Kocsis, Senior Precision Cleaning Technician. “Most of our turnaround times are around two weeks, but we can also provide expedited cleaning within the week.”

After cleaning, parts are specially “bagged and tagged” to maintain cleanliness.

Project support and oxygen expertise

When vendors engage WHA for outsourced oxygen cleaning, they get the added benefit of WHA’s extensive oxygen safety expertise. Many projects include services like cleanliness verification, hazard analysis, and product design consulting.

“We began our partnership with Trace-A-Matic with some preliminary OCV (Oxygen Clean Verification) showing where the parts’ cleanliness started out and where they ended up after the cleaning process,” says Tony. “We also provided occasional feedback to help them improve their manufacturing process. If we noticed some plating or welding issues during the cleaning process, we made sure to let them know.”

Oxygen cleaning verification (ORC) performed in WHA's labs.
Add-on services like oxygen clean verification and product design consulting can help clients improve the safety and quality of their products.

Recognition for a job well done

The Trace-A-Matic award is a welcome recognition for a hard-working cleaning team that often processes over 10,000 parts a month! Their efforts play a critical role in providing precision cleaned parts and helping clients defend against oxygen fires.

WHA’s company leadership was glad for the excuse to celebrate the team internally and add a commemorative plaque outside the cleaning room to recognize the outstanding achievement.

“We hold an immense appreciation for your unwavering commitment, dedication, and professionalism. You each play a pivotal role in our company, and we genuinely value the contributions you all bring… Congratulations again to the Cleaning Team on a job excellently performed!”

WHA International

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