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WHA is now ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited

We are pleased to announce that WHA International has been officially accredited by PJLA in accordance with…

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WHA Papers Impact Oxygen Safety in Industry

How do engineers and scientists around the world collaborate and inform themselves on new developments in the…

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Watch a Liquid Oxygen Mechanical Impact Sensitivity Test

The Problem: Mechanical Impact Can Ignite Materials in Oxygen Anyone who has attended WHA’s oxygen safety training…

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Is your company oxygen safety compliant?

Regulatory safety compliance (or compliance to specific safety standards) is a goal that organizations worldwide aspire to…

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NASA Oxygen Safety Spinoff

This summer, you have no doubt heard some of the buzz surrounding the 50th anniversary of the…

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The Power of WHA’s Onsite Technical Training

Oxygen and hydrogen safety training is an OSHA requirement! If your business incorporates systems using oxygen or…

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