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Industry Spotlight: Hyperbaric Oxygen Safety

Of all the applications for medical oxygen, hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) chambers present some of the most complex…

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Case Study: Large industrial ball valve fire

Case Study: Large industrial ball valve fire In 2001, WHA International, Inc. investigated a major industrial oxygen…

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Understanding Oxygen Hazard Analysis

Ignition and combustion hazards are inherent in all oxygen and oxygen-enriched systems, regardless of the application.  WHA…

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Behind the scenes of WHA’s oxygen testing program

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10 Minutes with Barry Newton

This feature initially appeared in Gasworld Magazine on September 3, 2018. It has been republished with permission……

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Apollo 1 and the Tragic Beginnings of Oxygen Safety

Prior to 1967, oxygen hazards were generally known, but relatively unexplored. Everything changed following the tragic death…

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