The Power of WHA’s Onsite Technical Training

Oxygen and hydrogen safety training is an OSHA requirement!

If your business incorporates systems using oxygen or hydrogen, you know that safety is a top priority. The two fluids are vastly different and require clear comprehension of the unique hazards, especially when personnel are handling both. Providing proper safety training on hazardous fluids (both gases and cryogenic fluids) is a requirement mandated by government agencies like OSHA.

“At WHA, we firmly believe in equipping personnel with sustainable knowledge to understand the hazards and good practices to mitigate them.”

Elliot Forsyth, WHA Engineer/Director of Technical Training

Our proven curriculum has been shaped by decades of experience in the field, operating systems, investigating fires, testing, and analyzing systems and components. No matter what level or format of training you need, we can provide it. Simply put, there is no better training on oxygen and hydrogen safety found in industry. We’re dedicated to equipping:

  • Engineers to better design and analyze oxygen and hydrogen fire risks
  • Technicians to better assemble, operate, and maintain oxygen and hydrogen systems
  • Professional tradesmen to better perform piping construction, maintenance, and cleanliness inspections on industrial oxygen and hydrogen piping and equipment
  • Any employee to have an increased knowledge and awareness of oxygen and hydrogen safety

The advantage of customizable onsite training

We offer technical training in several different formats to meet our clients’ requirements and budgets: interactive online e-training, live webinars, seminar-style training events, and onsite training. By far, the most versatile and customizable format is onsite training. Not surprisingly, it’s also the most commonly requested. In this format, our expert instructors travel to your place of business to provide fully-tailored training and consulting to best match your specific industry and applications.

Instruction for every level

Over 30+ years working with oxygen and other hazardous fluids, we’ve developed four levels of technical safety training to equip personnel of all backgrounds and experience levels.

One benefit of WHA onsite training is the ability to offer concurrent training to your entire staff at every level. Because each training course’s content is cumulative, we’ll often present the training in a “layered” approach for efficiency. For example, sometimes the entire technical staff attends the first half-day for foundational Level 1 and Level 2 concepts, then those taking the Level 3 and Level 4 courses continue on for another day or two, respectively, for the more advanced concepts.

Because the agenda is so customizable, we can also add on additional modules to meet your needs, including special training on oxygen cleaning, visual inspection techniques, and more.

Level 1 “Aware”Level 2 “Practice”Level 3 “Design”Level 4 “Analyze”
introductory knowledgeintermediate knowledgeadvanced knowledgeexpert knowledge
up to 1/2 day1/2 to full day2 days3+ days
Live Webinar
eTraining (Oxygen)
Live Webinar
eTraining (Oxygen)
Training Events
Introduces O2/H2 hazard and risk management model, increases safety awareness, communicates essential good practices used to reduce fire risk.Level 1 objectives plus a deeper understanding of materials compatibility, factors contributing to ignition, and extensive good practices related to operating or maintaining O2/H2 systems.Level 2 objectives plus fundamental principles of O2/H2 system design and analysis methods, including introduction Fire Risk Analysis tools.Level 3 objectives plus advanced design and analysis methods and application of Fire Risk Analysis tools to lower ignition probability and ignition consequence.
Best suited forBest suited forBest suited forBest suited for
Personnel who work with or around O2/H2 needing an introductory course to safety, including both non-technical and technical personnel.Individuals involved in the use, specification, procurement, operation, maintenance, instrumentation, safety, management or incident investigation of O2/H2 components and systems.Technical personnel including engineers, designers, scientists, materials specialists, advanced technicians, system managers, safety personnel, etc.Technical personnel (same as Level 3) who desire expert knowledge for a company hazards analysis team or resident O2/H2 expert.
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Combine your training with additional consulting

Another advantage to onsite training is our ability to provide personalized technical consulting while onsite. For example, in addition to providing training on our Oxygen Fire Risk Assessment (OFRA) tool (Level 3 and Level 4 courses), we can work with your technical personnel to apply this tool directly to your systems and components. This leaves you not only with a strong working knowledge of the course concepts, but a direct application of those concepts towards the safety and compliance of your own system design. Consultation is also available on oxygen clean rooms/clean areas, cleaning practices, and cleaning preservation.

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