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Hydrogen Risk Assessment methods evolve to serve industry and end-users

Hydrogen risk assessment methods continue to evolve in response to the fast-growing commercial hydrogen economy.

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New test explores how material thickness affects flammability

In a new test based on ASTM G124, engineers use a tapered metal sample to explore oxygen flammability based on “extinguishment diameter.”

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Configurational Oxygen Testing Enhances Performance for Industry

New “configurational” oxygen testing methods evaluate large oxygen devices in actual operating conditions.

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WHA’s 2020 Highlights

No matter where you live or what you do, 2020 was a year for the books! Like…

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Case Study: LOX Valve Internal Fire

When operators first discovered an internal leak in Valve V6272A, they weren’t particularly concerned. The valve was…

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Oxygen compatibility and safe-use criteria

Because materials ignite and burn more easily in oxygen-enriched atmospheres, it is important to determine how “compatible”…

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