Ty Stovall

Ty Stovall

Physics, Standard Testing, Data Analysis

Ty joined the WHA team in 2022.

He earned his bachelor’s degree at New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology (UMT, Socorro), graduating with honors with a dual Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physics and Math and a Minor in Explosives Engineering.

Ty continued his education, earning a Master’s of Science from University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience. Pursuing his interest in statistical mechanics and linguistics, Ty studied a broad array of topics from machine learning to cognitive science and cellular neuroscience. During his term at UTD, Ty was exposed to the work of experts such as Jon von Neumann who have made significant contributions to the world’s understanding of explosive and shockwave physics.

Ty’s education, experience, and inquisitive nature give him an advantage in the testing engineer role at WHA. After graduation with his bachelor’s degree, Ty worked at Hunting Titan as a Ballistics Engineer. He was hired to work on shape charges but eventually refined his expertise in developing and manufacturing Power Charges. Ty says he “loves a good explosion” and he’s been lucky enough to experience many great ones at NMT and Hunting. He can fully expect to see a few more in his role at WHA (controlled ones, of course!).

Ty claims Las Cruces as his hometown and grew up “just up the road” from WHA! He has expressed interest in WHA since before his graduation from High School, and WHA is proud to welcome Ty back to his hometown.

Outside of work, Ty lives with his wife Lefty. They enjoy watching movies, camping, and dancing. On his own, Ty enjoys listening to podcasts, reading books, climbing, golf, and playing pool.

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