Travis Gwynne

Travis Gwynne

Mechanical Engineer, Testing Services, Oxygen Cleaning

Travis joined the WHA team in 2012 in the role of engineering intern before becoming an Engineering Co-op throughout his tenure as a student in the engineering department at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. After completing his mechanical engineering degree at NMSU in 2022, Travis transitioned into an engineering role at WHA.

Travis supports several of WHA’s technical service teams including the Oxygen Cleaning Team, Standard and Custom Testing Teams, and Failure Analysis Team. Travis has developed impressive expertise in engineering drawings, microscopy, and oxygen-cleaning verification. He supports several of WHA’s special development projects, including the implementation of a new Oxygen Cleaning Auditing Service and designing new test systems. In addition, Travis’ unique skill set positions him to support WHA’s Facility Engineering Team in facility expansion and master planning for test cells, including WHA’s overall facility expansion project.

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