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Nic Linley

Senior Electrical Engineer, Failure & Hazard Analysis, Testing, Statistics & Data Analysis

Nic joined WHA in 2005 as an electrical engineer. He also currently serves as WHA’s Quality Manager.

Nic develops test systems for materials in oxygen-enriched environments and specializes in computerized control systems, telemetry, data analysis, mathematical modeling, simulation, and programming. Nic also supports and performs forensic and failure analysis inspections involving electrical equipment.

Nic has been involved with research that examines the propensity for ignition of materials in an oxygen-enriched environment due to a human body model electrostatic discharge (ESD). He has also been involved in the development of an adiabatic compression temperature profile measurement system.

As a student, Nic worked at WHA as a computer technician and business database designer. During that time, Nic developed the structure and web interface for WHA’s Oxygen-Compatibility Materials Database.

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