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Josh Baca

Senior Technician, Testing & Facility Operations

  • BS, Business Administration (2003)

Josh Baca, a native of Las Cruces, joined the WHA team in March 2010. Josh’s primary duties as an Engineering Test Technician are related to performing standard tests with gaseous oxygen. He is responsible for Adiabatic Compression testing, Autogenous Ignition Temperature testing, Oxygen Index, and other standard tests. Josh also helps coordinate oxygen cleaning of parts, fittings and components for test systems, oxygen compressor maintenance, and general facility maintenance. Josh occasionally supports large-scale testing projects such as Silane testing at WHA’s Proving Grounds.

Prior to joining WHA, Josh worked as a construction foreman in a wide array of construction fields, including public works for the USDA and custom-built staircase installs in high-end homes.

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