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John Ronquillo

Senior Technician, Testing & Facility Operations

  • FAA License Airframe & Powerplant from Federal Aviation Ground School, California (1990)

John joined the WHA team in 2013. As a Test Technician, his primary duties are related to performing testing and maintaining the facility’s systems in support of the engineers, testing services, and quality activities. He performs a wide range of standard testing including Autogenous Ignition Temperature, Promoted Combustion, Oxygen Index, Oxygen Exposure, Mechanical Impact and Particle Impact. He is also responsible for the oxygen cleaning of parts, fittings, and components for test systems; to ensuring that lab supplies and materials are available for testing purposes, and for tracking inventories, maintaining test gases used in the facility and calibration of measuring equipment.

Prior to joining WHA, John supported man-space flight missions for fourteen years at NASA White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) and NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC). His roles included Technician, Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality. As Procurement Quality Assurance Representative he served as a liaison between management, logistics, contracts, configuration management, engineering, and suppliers on hardware manufacturing issues. John managed the delivery of products from 11-20 different vendors from around the country.

John also has a background in the aviation industry. He received training and steadily assumed responsibilities progressing from Engine Technician to Line Technician to Landing Gear Technician and then to Acting Engine Shop Supervisor. He was responsible for servicing a variety of wide-body aircraft produced by Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Bombardier, and Lockheed as well as engines manufactured by General Electric and Pratt Whitney.

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