Hecmar Arreola

Hecmar Arreola

Electrical Engineer, Testing & Facility Operations, Data Acquisition & Control

Hecma joined the WHA team in 2021.

He is a recent NMSU Electrical Engineering graduate, having qualified as a Crimson Scholar and graduating with honors. He enjoys learning and quickly distinguished himself at NMSU, having worked as a TA and proctor in NMSU’s Electrical Engineering department. He was also a tutor, and according to his EE professor, Hecmar was a student leader, a good thinker, a do-er, and a trainer.

Hecmar is a proud native of Las Cruces. He is bilingual (English and Spanish), born and raised in the area, and enjoys our city, its citizens, and the natural beauty this area has to offer. He is an active athlete, playing and coaching soccer during his school days. Hecmar was also on the swimming team and is involved in local charity, civic, and church groups around town.

He loves his chosen profession! Hecmar brings knowledge of technical software and programming languages to the table. He has been interested in electronics and computers from his earliest school days, enjoying the process of troubleshooting issues, working with levers, gears, circuits, electronic gadgets, and taking apart computers just to see how they run.

Since mid-2020, Hecmar held a position at White Sands Missile Range, DOD’s Center for Countermeasures, with Secret Clearance status. He performed simulations using electronic sensors on aircraft.

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