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Greg Odom

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Testing & Hazard Analysis, Standard Testing Lead

Greg joined WHA in 1998 and as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, he currently manages our Standard Testing division. He directs, performs, and manages testing according to a wide variety of industry test standards. He is also responsible for disassembling and inspecting test articles, analyzing and compiling test data, and performing failure analysis on components. While at WHA, Greg has been involved with teams of engineers in supporting the development of industry-standard test methods and in refining test protocols. One of Greg’s contributions includes assisting in the development of the ASTM G175 ignition pill.

Prior to working at WHA, Greg was a Mechanical Engineer for Boeing North America at the NASA White Sands Test Facility (NASA WSTF). Greg’s experience at NASA WSTF included overseeing and directing fuel and oxidizer transfers, system design and test stand support, as well as pressure vessel management. His past experience also includes an engineering internship with NMSU’s Mechanical Engineering Department. As an Engineering Co-op, Greg worked for Cummins Natural Gas Engines as an AutoCAD specialist.

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