Doug Dobbin

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Hazard Analysis

Doug Dobbin joined WHA in 2024, primarily supporting hydrogen and oxygen hazard analysis service areas. Relying on over 35 years of aerospace experience, including failure analysis and testing with various hazardous fluids, he also serves as a senior engineering consultant for WHA clients across our various service areas.

In 1986 he played a crucial role in designing Space Shuttle orbit insertion trajectories and abort procedures at Rockwell International. In 1991, he joined NASA White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) as a group leader and project engineer. There, Doug made significant contributions by designing systems for high-pressure testing, hypergolic testing, and vacuum testing. He performed depot-level refurbishment and testing on the Space Shuttle hydrogen flow control valve.  Notably, he invented a zero-leak hypergolic fuel valve for deep space missions and rebuilt the emergency oxygen systems for the B-2 bomber fleet.

In 2002, Doug became an Aerospace Engineer/Analyst at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), NM, and in 2022, Doug took on the role of Lead Aerodynamics doing conceptual airplane design at Boeing Defense Phantom Works in St. Louis.

Doug has also served as a consulting engineer for Salisbury Hall, Inc. doing oxygen hazard analyses and failure analyses on aircraft, spacecraft, and ground-based oxygen systems.

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