Adrian AJ Soliz

Adrian “AJ” Soliz

Test Technician, Testing & Facility Operations, Machinist

  • Electrical Engineering
  • US Navy veteran
  • Certified machinist

AJ joined the WHA team in 2021.

He was born and raised in Las Cruces and started his career in the US Navy as an avionics technician servicing several different aviation platforms. After completing his electrical engineering degree, AJ left the military but continued serving our country by joining a counter-IED team at Survival, Vulnerability Assessment Directorate (SVAD) of WSMR. After completion of that program, AJ transferred to the electronic services department of WSMR where he gained machining experience and became a certified machinist.

After 10 years of government service, AJ started down a different path by opening his own automotive performance shop. AJ’s hard work and success were rewarded by receiving three SEMA (Safety Equipment Manufacturer Association) show appearances and two “Top 50 in the World” awards. With over 20 years of competition engine building behind him, AJ felt the lure of new challenges ahead. He decided to downsize his business (it’s more like a hobby now) and expand into new experiences at WHA.

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