Cory Kreutzer

Senior Chemist, Mechanical Engineer, Hydrogen Services, Failure Analysis

  • ME in Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University
  • BS in Chemistry, Colorado School of Mines 2002
  • Experience in hydrogen systems engineering, laboratory research, combustion science, thermal systems, and technical project/portfolio management

In 2022, Cory joined WHA from Golden, Colorado where he previously worked at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). There he served as the group manager and research engineer for the Hydrogen Production, Power, and Storage group within NREL’s Energy Conversion and Storage Systems Center. During his time at NREL, his team focused on a combination of experimental and modeling activities in hydrogen infrastructure integration from production through end-use applications. Emphasis areas included electrolysis and the coupling of renewable hydrogen production to broader energy systems such as wind/solar/grid assets, distribution, and storage of hydrogen in various forms. His group also explored and evaluated end-use applications of hydrogen such as transportation, industrial, heat/power, gas infrastructure, and other segments targeted by DOE’s H2@Scale initiative.

At NREL, Cory gained experience and a passion for hydrogen safety, implementing best practices in every project he participated in as a researcher at NREL followed by safety review and approval of approximately 10-40 annual hydrogen experimental projects at NREL’s HITRF.

Prior to gaining expertise in hydrogen at NREL, Cory worked there in the Vehicle Thermal System group, exploring methods to reduce the energy usage of thermal systems in both light and heavy-duty vehicle applications. He has directed work on multi-million dollar projects that include exploring/quantifying the impact of solar/thermal technologies for electric vehicles, researching rest period idle load reduction for long-haul trucks, developing computational processes to access thermal technologies on light- and heavy-duty automobiles, and many more. Prior to working at NREL, Cory was a research associate and a graduate student at the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory at CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado which is now part of the Powerhouse Energy Campus.

Cory brings many exceptional skills to the table at WHA, including his training and experience with systems analysis and computational science, data management, experimental design, programming, technical proposal/publication writing, and project management.

On the personal front, Cory’s wife is a veterinarian, and together in 2019 opened Sunshine Animal Hospital serving the Denver metro area. As a small business owner, Cory is currently a part-time employee for WHA and spends the rest of his time helping manage the veterinary practice.

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