WHA Coronavirus Update

WHA Clients,

We have implemented remote work resources, deployed remote training opportunities, and staggered our resources to continue our essential services such as oxygen precision cleaning and oxygen compatibility testing to respond to the worldwide need for critical medical equipment such as ventilators.

We understand that it is critical to your operations that WHA continues to provide timely and responsive services during crisis times. Rest assured that we have continuity plans in place for our service areas to help deliver continued functionality of critical processes, especially those processes that support you, our clients.

We are confident in the proactive measures WHA is taking in response to the continually changing COVID-19 environment. WHA will continue to respond promptly to your emails, calls, and website messages. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and don’t hesitate to let us know how we can serve you in these unprecedented times. You can read more about new innovations in our service areas in response to COVID-19 below.

Barry Newton, PhD
CEO, WHA International

Click here to view our Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Plan.


As an essential industry service, WHA’s oxygen precision cleaning services are continuing on schedule, and we’re available to meet your needs. We’ve taken internal measures to comply with our state and federal requirements to limit and separate our workforce.

Oxygen cleaning (including precision cleaning, cleaning verification, and process consulting) is essential because many of the parts we clean are for critical care ventilators and medical equipment. We have focused our workforce and strategy on expediting customer-requested turnaround times. Please contact us if you require oxygen cleaning services, especially medical oxygen equipment cleaning. WHA wants to help however we can to support healthcare needs and combat the COVID-19 pandemic.


As an essential industry service, WHA’s oxygen testing services continue to be available for expedited qualification of critical medical components.

WHA has staggered its workforce so that we can continue to support these crucial qualification tests to exercise medical equipment according to the predominant industry standards. WHA has also resourced its custom testing capabilities to rapidly respond to non-standardized tests that are critical to industry safety.


WHA is now offering ALL of our oxygen and hydrogen safety training as online formats, including fully-narrated eTraining, live instructor webinars, and other virtual formats.

We are scheduling training courses around your employee’s requested work hours and time zones in order to get your personnel trained in a timely manner. Whether it’s for small groups spaced appropriately in a conference room, or individuals now working from home, we can bring people together virtually to accomplish their training and keep your business moving forward. For more information, email training@wha-intl.com.


WHA’s hazard analysis team is working together virtually to ensure ALL system-level and component-level hazards analyses projects are proceeding on schedule as originally planned. If you have any questions, please contact us.


WHA’s failure analysis team comprises qualified engineers and scientists that are connected through WHA’s remote-access resources and can rapidly provide analysis and understanding of unforeseen failures.

Especially during crisis times, we continue to see unexpected incidents because of a greater use of oxygen, high-pressure gases, and hazardous fluids. Our experience and unique background allows us to evaluate and understand the immediate causes and root causes through thorough scientific evaluation.

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