WHA advances oxygen safety around the globe through system inspection and safety consulting. Our experienced engineers regularly review oxygen systems, components,  and processes, both in-person and remotely.  We often package oxygen safety inspection and consulting with technical training solutions, which can include customizable modules on subjects like oxygen cleaning.

For best results, we typically recommend that system inspections and safety reviews be performed on-site where our engineers can walk the system in-person, talk with personnel, and document findings, but with the benefit of modern-day tools, we can now provide these reviews remotely as well. In both formats, our engineers work closely with process engineers and designers to obtain the necessary drawings, materials, conditions, and procedures that are important to consider in the safety audit.

Oxygen System Inspection

An oxygen system inspection is a less formal hazard analysis process that incorporates the same analytical approach as a system-level OFRA. The inspection considers industry best practices and design principles from oxygen piping and equipment standards such as ASTM G-88, CGA G-4.4/EIGA IGC 13-12, SAE AIR 825/13, and others. A thorough system inspection is the first step in any hazard analysis project, and we may recommend a formal OFRA as part of your system inspection.

Oxygen Safety Review

The processes and procedures governing the use of an oxygen system are just as important as the hardware itself. Operator error is a very real hazard, and your staff members are an important part of preventing and mitigating system failures. Our engineers are available to review your oxygen system processes and provide recommendations on best practices to reduce and mitigate risk.

Technical Training Solutions.

As part of safety compliance, organizations are often required to meet specific training requirements. We can combine compliance auditing services with customized training packages to equip your personnel. In this way, you can take advantage of our engineers’ time on site, scheduling system inspections and consulting together with technical training. Our customizable training packages cover everything from beginner knowledge to expert application, including specialized modules like precision oxygen cleaning.

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